Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Winner has been chosen!

Congratulations to Mama Bear Mills! She was the first one to enter and she won! I will be working with her to create a birthday party hat, for her daughter, she decided; who's birthday is in August. I will post pictures of the new hat as soon as it's done! So check back later to see the Grand Prize! And maybe Mama Bear Mills might even share a picture with everyone, if we are lucky!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! Your efforts will be rewarded. I will be having a special promotion starting in a couple of weeks. More details soon so stay tuned!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Featured on Etsy it up!

I am happy to announce Espie May Crafts' first giveaway! My shop is currently being featured on Etsy it up! Check out Celeste's beautiful BLOG Etsy it Up! She is Awesome! She even let me pick the giveaway date. Her blog is wonderfully organized. It is so easy to find all the info for all the giveaways in a matter of moments. All of the giveaways are for really awesome stuff! Be sure to check out the post and ENTER TO WIN! I will be making the lucky winner a totally custom birthday party hat that is sure to be a keepsake for years to come! Go HERE to enter.