Thursday, April 30, 2009

Newest Bib Designs

I have created even more bib designs for both boys and girls. There are just so many party themes out there; I want to design bibs for all of them! One step at a time I guess. All of my bibs can also be made into t-shirts or onesies! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. If you have a party theme that you want translated into party wear don't hesitate to ask me to design something for you! One of the most fun parts is coming up with a new design, especially for a theme I would have never thought of. I love a challenge!

New #2 Design for second birthdays! This can be done for any number really. For both boys and girls. But here is a sample of the second year and what it looks like all finished.

Pink Poodles in Paris Bib. I decided to do this theme because it was what we did for my daughter's first birthday. Unfortunately I didn't even think of making one for her so she didn't get this one. We bought the one that they had on the website which while cute wasn't as special as this one with the glitter paint collar and rhinestone "tag". Plus it didn't have an eiffel tower and it was pretty expensive for a mass produced item. Anyway! I hope you like it!

Blue retro rocket ship bib. Complete with button windows and satin trimmed exhaust with glitter paint dots it is ready to blast off to your little one's party!

Yellow and green Robot bib. Has a turqouise satin trimmed #1, button joints, and a rhinestone control panel!

3 Ring Circus Bib! Perfect for a carnival themed party. Can also come with the single animal of your choice, not limited to the three pictured. If you love giraffes of monkeys just let me know!

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